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Agent Success Management’s sole purpose is to secure individual’s final expense insurance needs in the great states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and more soon to come. We make a living while truly making a difference. ASM believes in leadership and building the community from the heads of households first. Striving to become better men, women, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters makes for a great insurance agent.

Our Story


Helping your loved ones save on funeral costs is what we do best.

Final Expense
Whole Life

Twenty Pay Whole Life

3-Year Modified Death Benefit

2-Year Modified Death Benefit

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“If you know so much, why do you have so little, become humble and a sponge” – Coach



You have the chance to become great if you believe, commit, and fall in love with the process! One of my favorite quotes is “you can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want”.

– Shannon Simmons

Lincoln Heritage, ASM, and the S&A Group have changed my life for the better and as they say, “We Just Getting Started!”

– Ericka Jackson

I’m excited to see where the business will take my family. I’m excited to see how many other individuals we can help make six figures, and how many single mothers I can inspire to change their life.

– Sheena Adams